20120822_1258-Edit-2a..So this is the bit where I tell you about me.  Well what can I tell you?  I’ve been a practicing Occupational Psychologist since 2004, and an aspiring Occ Psych for many years before that.  I’d say I’ve had a wide and varied career up to this point and I absolutely LOVE what I do… I am a true Occ Psych Geek.

I discovered this blogging malarky a few years ago.  Funnily enough, up to that point my employer’s Marketing person had spent years harassing, cajooling and bribing me and several other consultants but I never quite got ‘it’, it always felt like hard work.  I never knew what to write about or where to start.  Then, whilst responding to a LinkedIn group discussion, I had a ‘road to Damascus’ type moment and it all just fell into place and I’m now at the point of just genuinely enjoying sharing what I know.

I’d say there are a couple of general themes to my blogs, these range from me sharing knowledge, ideas and information to book reviews and ‘insights into my world’.  A more recent area that I’ve also just started blogging about covers advice on how to become an Occupational Psychologist.  I think guidance to aspiring Occ Psychs has been seriously lacking for a long time and I’d like to do my little bit to redress this balance.

Finally, if you like to know the more ‘serious stuff’ about who I am and what I do, you check out my LinkedIn profile here.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey! Came across your blog through flipboard and really like it! Im a new ‘biz psych’ myself having just graduated last month! I also blog but for a small consultancy I’m p/t’ing for, just wanted to say i really like your writing style, very similar to mine! Ill be sure to have a look at your linkedin 🙂

  2. Hi Maria, what a great blog! I truly love it, I have graduated from BSc Psychology last summer and currently work in HR. My goal is to become an occupational psychologist. You are given us very important information and suggesting the right choices. Even though I have been researching about occ psy for long time there so little or none info at all, I am so greatfull you write this blog! Keep it up the good work! All the best! 🙂

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