So you want to be an Occupational Psychologist? Who to follow on Twitter

Twitter 2A big part of getting into the industry of occupational psychology is knowing who the movers and shakers are in the first place.  Who should you put on your hit list, and whose radar do you want to try and get onto?

Without meaning to show my age, the advent of the digital era has made things much easier.  Think “…In my day there were no tinterweb, no Google search, avatars, or such like”!

I couldn’t put ‘occupational psychology’ into a search engine and see what comes up.  I couldn’t “follow” a company on Twitter or LinkedIn.  These social platforms just didn’t exist!

The irony is that even though this technology has now has been around for a while, it can still be difficult to find and make those connections.  We are a small community but still sufficiently scattered to cause getting to know your fellow Occ Psychs a challenge.

So in the spirit of helping make those connections here is a directory of  Occupational Psychology businesses on Twitter.  The criteria for making this list was that they are UK based, describe themselves ‘occupational/business psychologists’ and are a company rather than an individual, i.e. they could be potential employers.

Name Twitter account
A&DC @adcuk
Ampleo @ampleo
AQR @aqr_ltd
Blue Edge @LeadershipBrain
Burham Business Psychology @BurnhamBP
Carter Corson @CarterCorson
Criterion Partnership @realCriterion
Cubiks @CubiksOnline
Davitt Corporate Partners @DavittCP
Edgecumbe Group Consulting @EdgecumbeGroup
Hogan Assessments @HoganAssessment
Hogrefe Ltd @HogrefeLtd
Imisi Consulting @ImisiConsulting
Impact Consulting @ImpactPsycs
Kenexa @KenexaAssess
McAdam King @McAdamKingBP
Mendas @MendasLtd
Nevill Wharton Business Psychologists Group @NevilleWharton
OPP @opp_psychology
PCL @PCLconsultancy
Pearn Kandola @pearnkandola
Penna @PennaPlc
Psyoft @psysoft
Robertson Cooper @gooddayatwork
Roffey Park @RoffeyPark
Rothwell Douglas @RDLteam
saville @savilleconsult
SGandA @ukSGandA
Sixth Sense Consulting @SixthSense_CW
Strengths Partnership @Strengthscope
Talent Innovations @TalentInnovUK
Talent Lens @TalentLensUK
Team Focus @teamfocusltd
The Mind Gym @themindgym
The Occupational Psychologiy Group (Division of Ramsey Hall) @therhlgroup
Work Psychology Group @WorkPsychGroup
YSC @YSCnews
Zircon @Zirconmc

I am well aware that this isn’t a definitive list.  There may well be occupational psychology employers on Twitter that I don’t know about.  There are also some noticeable gaps where well known consultancies still aren’t on Twitter yet, i.e. Kaisen and TalentQ.

If you are an employer of Occupational/Business Psychologists and would like to be listed, please add your company and Twitter name in the comments section.  I will then aim to update this list every other month.


8 thoughts on “So you want to be an Occupational Psychologist? Who to follow on Twitter

  1. Hi Maria. Great idea. I work for Omada, a boutique consulting firm of occupational psychologists based in the UK focused on effecting real behavioural change aligned with business goals. Follow us @omadaconsulting

  2. Hi Maria

    Two Gloucestershire based companies who might be worth adding to your list (and they’re on Twitter).

    Quest Partnership

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