Pure enthusiasm: 1 vs. Having a clear idea of what I’ve just signed up for: 0

enthusiasmAlmost exactly a month to the day I agreed to be co-Dean for next year’s Association of Business Psychologists (ABP) annual conference.  Consequently, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to chart my experiences over the forthcoming year and it might also be a useful record and insight for any potential Deans thinking of picking up the baton after I’ve gone off for a very long lay down post May 2013.  I’m also hoping that those of you reading them might also find them mildly amusing as the scale of what I’ve just signed up for sinks in.

I’ve attended the ABP conference on and off for 5 years now and each time the experience has got better and better.  The opportunity to learn new stuff, to fully embrace my inner Occ Psych Geek, and ‘play’ with other fellow psychologists is just too good to resist.  As a minority species in amongst the ‘giants’ of the psychology world, typically clinical psychologists and’ Cracker’ (the TV series), it is nice to know that you are not on your own and that there are others out there as passionate about our little corner of the world as I am.  Seeing some of the veterans of our industry letting their hair down on the dance floor after a couple of glasses of wine is also pretty enlightening!

So why did I sign up?  Well, like any psychologist and regular attendee of the conference I am by my very nature a little bit opinionated.  Just a little.  As the only conference targeted purely at those who apply psychology in the world of business it inspires my passions and every year I find myself musing over what I would do if I was in charge.  What I’d like to see more or and what I’d do less of.  Well, I guess I should be careful for a wish for because that’s exactly what I’m now doing.

Apart from being just a little opinionated one of other main reasons I signed up is that the other Dean is Dilip Boury, a very good friend of mine and someone that I greatly respect as a business psychologist.  The fact that he is also a fellow Northerner and an aficionado of brightly coloured shoes – him, trainers, me, heels, is just an added bonus.  In the short time we’ve been working together I think we’ve also realised that our thinking and working styles balance out each other pretty well.

So at this point, I know that ‘I’m up for it’, but in terms of ‘what’ I’ve signed up for – not a clue!  I know it’s going to be an adventure, I know it’s going to be hard work, and I know that I’m going to seriously have to lean on the support of every good natured colleague, friend, known associates and the conference team to pull it off.

But hey, here’s to enthusiasm over adversity!


For more information about the Conference visit the ABP Conference web pages.

You can also visit us the Official LinkedIn ABP Conference Group where you can interact with us and check out the latest updates from the team.  Finally, for bite sized updates follow us on Twitter: @ABPsychologists



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